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The Island of Útila is an area where insects develop readily. With year-round warm temperatures and humidity levels often at the limit of saturation, the proliferation and omnipresence of ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, termites and other pests is frequent. For this reason Abat Pest Control, a Canadian company, trained and set up a network of extermination technicians who are competent to work in Honduras. A member of North American pest control associations, this company is known for the quality of its services and its pest control management work.

Our exterminators are trained in the latest technologies and the safest practices in terms combatting pests. In line with its policy of quality and respect for the environment, Abat Pest Control uses only disinsectisation products that have been approved by the Canadian Ministry of the Environment, and limits the use of harmful chemicals with regards to families and domestic animals.

Many individuals who are property owners, residents, tourists or professionals call on our services to deal with insect infestations.

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It must be pointed out that some parasites are carriers of germs or bacteria that can transmit disease. Rapid action is therefore needed at the first sign these pests are present. All you need to do is telephone or e-mail, and an exterminator in Útila will arrive quickly and work with discretion and efficiency.

House owner

Safe, best in class product to protect your family

You would like to protect your home from pest?

Don’t let your stay be ruined by an invasion of insects! Nothing is more unpleasant than finding cockroaches in your kitchen or being eaten up by bed bugs in your sleep.

Our expert can act quickly for a one-time treatment or arrange for a maintenance contract that will provide for regular check-ups or just before you arrive on the island. These management solutions are tailored to your needs.

Commercial / Hostel

Protect your investment. Protect your reputation.

Professional ? Protect your business from bugs

Hotels, restaurants and grocery stores are high-risk structures that are particularly affected by insect infestations. Cockroaches in the kitchens and bed bugs in the guest rooms are a real scourge that can damage your establishment’s reputation.

Our expert in pest control management will come to your location, analyse the situation and offer a solution that will work. He will then apply the necessary treatments discretely so as not to harm your business’ image.

Visiting one of the island?

Make sure you you don't bring any pest at home!

Tourist? Use our cover for your bags!

The Islands in Honduras are a little paradise on earth: sun, white sand beaches, turquoise sea, fantastic diving and hiking, etc. Just remember – this climate helps insects proliferate, and they hide snugly in your luggage and return home with you. It only takes a few eggs to also invade your home.

In order to avoid this nuisance, Abat Pest Control developed a method to inspect and wrap bags and suitcases. Special protective covers are supplied to wrap up your effects and avoid the intrusion of undesirable these non-desirables.

An expert eye will quickly spot the signs indicating the presence of insects: droppings, ootheca (egg pods or capsules), traces of blood, etc.

Our packing solutions will ensure that your vacation comes to a happy end.

Proven solution in pest control for Honduras

Abat Pest Control ensures the extermination of all types of insects in Útila, such as cockroaches, ants, termites, bed bugs, etc. We offer integrated management solutions in order to durably and quickly eradicate the infestation.

Our clients’ satisfaction is our goal! If you suspect an infestation or if you’re actually facing one, don’t hesitate to contact our experts who will gladly answer all your questions.

Member of the leading pest control associations in America

Member of North American pest control associations, this company is known for the quality of its services and its pest control management work.

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